How do I use the Pharos computer reservation system?


The Pharos computer reservation system eliminates the need to wait at the Tech Help Desk for available computers in the Learning Commons or Productivity Center on the second floor of the University Library, and it ensures equitable access and use by all Library patrons of those computers. To use the system, follow these steps:

1. If a computer is available in the Learning Commons or Productivity Center on the second floor, you do not have to sign up at the reservation station. Just go to an available computer and login. Computers are available for three hours; time can be extended if no one is waiting. The system will prompt you to remain logged in on "borrowed time" until another user needs the computer.

The stand-up quick look up computers, the computers in the seating area on the second floor, and the computers on the other floors of the Library are not part of the reservation system.  The sign up station is to the right of the 2nd floor Tech Help Desk.View of the Pharos Sign Up Station near the Tech help Desk

2. If all computers are in use, login to the reservation system with your Bronco Name and password. Click on the logon button to continue.

3. On the next screen, select a computer from the Learning Commons or the Productivity Center. For information on what software is on the computers in each of the areas, visit the computers and printing page.

4. Once you have selected a computer area, the reservation system will assign one to you immediately if one is available. You have five minutes to login at the assigned computer. If no computer is available, you will be added to the queue for the next available computer in the area you selected. Monitors to view the queue are located near the Tech Help Desk and in the seating area near the Library entrance. Make sure to logoff from the reservation system.

5. Once you have a computer reserved for you, go to that computer to login. Each computer has an ID number attached to the top of the display monitor. PC is for the Productivity Center, and LC is for the Learning Commons. A map of the PC computers and a map of the LC computers are available for download.

6. The computer will display a message that it has been reserved. Your Bronco Name will appear in the message box. Click on the button to log in. Note the time limit in the message; you have five minutes to log in once the computer has been reserved for you. If you do not login within the five minutes allowed, you will lose your reservation and have to begin the reservation process again.

7. Login to the system with your Bronco Name and password and click the OK button to begin your session.

8. Once you are logged in, the system will notify you of your session duration.

9. To check how much time you have left in your session, hover over the small triangle in the System Tray and select the clock icon.

10. The system will let you know exactly how much time is left in your session.

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